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The Manitoba Water & Wastewater Association

is your source for water and wastewater training, careers, news and events.

Please visit our new Job Board to Post or View job postings.

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Please note that currently the Job Board only supports USD pricing and you will be charged the current exchange rate by your credit card when purchasing a posting.  We are working with the software provider to allow for CAD pricing. You can find the current foreign exchange rates through your bank or by following these links:



American Express users please check your American Express Account for current foreign exchange rates. 

Careers In Water

Water and wastewater careers offer the possibility of long-term stable options for those who believe in the importance of, and want to make an impact on, the health and environment of their communities and country. These careers offer choice, challenge, balance and flexibility.

Interested in working in the Water Industry click here for more information on career choices.

MWWA Job Board - How to Post

1. The general landing page for all job board visitors is the job Listings page. Click Post a Job in the top left corner of the screen on this page.

Pro Tip: During the process of posting a job, use the BACK button at the bottom of each screen rather than your browser's back button.

2. If you are an admin, member, or returning user, enter your email and click Next. Otherwise, click Continue as a guest or Create an account.

3. In New Job Post > Job Post Details, enter the job title, employer information, and other details about the job and the company.

4. When you are finished providing the job details and making your selections for the post's settings, click Preview on the right side of the screen to see how your post will appear to users.

5. Click Next: Job Duration at the bottom of the page.

6. The Post Duration page is where you select how long you want your post to be displayed on the job board. The cost for posting a job varies according to the length of time you want it on the board. The job posting will be dropped from the board automatically at the end of the time period you select.

7. Click Next: Payment Details.

8. Provide payment and credit card information and click Submit Payment. When payment is submitted, you'll receive a confirmation email, and the job posting will go live on the job board immediately.

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