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RRC - Fall Courses

10 Aug 2021 10:09 AM | Association Manager (Administrator)

Water and Wastewater Foundations

(Course Code: WATR-1007 and ID 220711)

Five-day course: August 30 – September 3, 2021

Fee: $1018.00

Registration deadline: August 23, 2021

This introductory course covers the foundational skills and knowledge operators require for success when writing ABC certification exams. This course is recommended, but optional, prior to taking a Class 1 certification exam preparation course. Industry related Math and Science (chemistry, microbiology, hydraulics and electricity), Safety / Administration /Management, and Equipment / Support systems are all gone over in detail, relative to certification exam requirements.

Who should take the Foundations Course? RRC has developed a diagnostic quiz designed to objectively assess an individual’s fundamental skill set that will be required for effective participation in a Certification Exam Preparation Course.

All individuals that have not taken the Foundations Course in the past or have not successfully passed a Water and Wastewater Certification exam should complete the quiz. To acquire a copy of the diagnostics quiz, please contact Patricia Oleksiew at (204) 632-3017 or

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