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Water Treatment Plant Operations Correspondence Course

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This course is available through correspondence only. It covers the practical aspects of operating a water treatment plant, including coagulation, sedimentation, U.V. disinfection, and rapid sand and membrane filtration. It has been designed to keep the content pertinent to on-the-job operations. Continuing Education Units: 15.0 CEU Correspondence Information: Material for this course will be mailed out upon registration. It consists of a participant manual and workbook (combined) with 15 unit review mail-in lessons and a Water Treatment Plant Operators Handbook. Once a registrant has completed all of the mail in lessons and they have been returned marked, a course completion exam can be arranged (proctor required). An overall minimum of 70% is needed to achieve a passing grade. If unsuccessful, one rewrite will be allowed. Registrants have a maximum of one year from receipt of the material to complete this course. NOTE: This is an in-depth course and an operator must be prepared to commit significant time to complete it successfully. Prerequisites Registrants should be employed by a municipality and actively working in a water treatment plant. Operators MUST have access to a plant that uses coagulation, sedimentation, and filtration to register for this course – some testing equipment is required. Delivery Formats: Home Study Outline: Facets of water supply Chemistry & water quality Bacteria and algae The physical plant Pumping rates Chemical feeders Coagulation Sedimentation basics Filtration alternatives Corrosion control Chlorination Safety Ph and alkalinity Disinfection of water
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