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Community Water Operator Positions - Northern Affairs

07 Mar 2023 10:00 AM | Bill Brenner (Administrator)

Northern Affairs Community Water Operator Positions:

Manitoba Indigenous Reconciliation and Northern Relations is looking for temporary back-up Operators, who can fill in for Northern Affairs Community Water and Wastewater Operators when they go on training, vacation or leave.  Positions would be located in small communities throughout Northern Manitoba.  They would report to the Northern Affairs Community Administrative Officer (CAO) under contract with the Community Council.  Salaries would range from $15.21 to $25.90 per hour depending on experience and certification, plus travel and expenses. Minimum call-out would be 3 hours, with some positions requiring the Operator to be on site for up to a week or more.  Some full-time positions are also available.

Duties may include such things as:

  • Conducting daily checks and water quality tests as required by the Manitoba government and for proper system operation;
  • Collecting water samples and arranging transportation to an accredited laboratory for analysis;
  • Preparing chlorine solutions, adjusting chemical dosages, backwashing media filters or maintaining membrane filters;
  • Responding to adverse water quality tests, equipment failures or other emergencies as needed, including emergency reporting to the provincial Office of Drinking Water, and with remote support from IRNR staff;
  • Maintaining records or logbook of work done, problems reported and how the problem was corrected;
  • Maintaining the system in a clean, secure and orderly condition;
  • Notifying Council and the department in writing of any needed repairs;
  • Providing support and oversight when repairs are conducted; and
  • Taking all reasonable steps and precautions to ensure a safe water supply for the community.
Please send resumes to or call 204-232-0022 for more information.
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