Meter Maintenance – November 10th – Headingley

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- Confined Space & External Rescue – 2 day – December 2 & 3rd – Selkirk — “SOLD OUT

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- Confined Space & External Rescue – 2 day – January 13 & 14, 2016 – Selkirk — “SOLD OUT

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Please check back regularly for 2015/2016 workshop updates.

The MWWA conducts a number of workshops during the winter months when the possibility of inclement weather could arise. Should the weather be questionable, contact us toll free at (866) 396-2549 or locally at (204) 239-6868 or on the website to determine whether or not your workshop will be proceeding.

**Participants at MWWA workshops may be photographed, and/or videotaped by a representative of the Manitoba Water and Wastewater Association. Information/material collected from such activities may be used/reproduced for MWWA website, marketing and promotional materials.

Lagoon Operation & Maintenance Workshop Presentation materials re: May 20th, 2015 Lagoon workshop – Author: Robert Boswick, P. Eng.,MB Conservation

ABC – Study materials to help you succeed.

ABC standardized exams include an ABC Formula/Conversion Table to assist examinees. These tables contain mathematical formulas and define common abbreviations that may be present on an ABC certification exam. Please contact the certifying authority for your state, province, or geopolitical region to determine if ABC Formula/Conversion table to use for your examination.

Link to ABC website:

Red River College – Fall 2015 Water and Wastewater Exam Preparation courses

Red River College 2015 Fall Schedule

Red River College Water & Wastewater School

Water & Wastewater School Information

Certification Exam Schedule

WCW Correspondence Courses

Math Correspondence course/Water Treatment Correspondence course available here.

Educational Information and Courses

RFP Guidelines for Education Services

““MB Operator Educational Opportunities”:/site-admin/resources/mb-operator-education-opportunities-as-of-dec-2013.pdf (includes info from WCW, RRC, WEF, AWWA, MWWA, Sacramento(Calif. State Univ., etc.)

Certification information – MB Conservation

MB Conservation – Exam Schedule

2015 MWWA Conference and Trade Show

January 11 – 14, 2015 – Keystone Centre/Canad Inns, Brandon, MB

**Please pre-register and pre-pay for the Conference.

Canadian Drinking Water Quality – Guidelines

Wastewater Systems Effluent – Environment Canada “Regulations”

Is your Certification coming up for Renewal?

Continuing Education Unit (CEU) will be required for renewal of unrestricted operator certificate every 5 years.

Guidelines for Continuing Education Unit Evaluation and Credit
Manitoba’s Water and Wastewater Facility Operator’s Regulation (Regulation) requires operators to have completed post secondary education to be eligible for Class 3 and Class 4 certification.

The proposed amendment to the Regulation, however, would allow substitution of post secondary education with Continuing Education Units (CEU) for water treatment, water distribution,
wastewater treatment and wastewater collection. The Regulation also allows substitution of the high school education requirements with CEU.

Continuing Education Unit (CEU) will be required for renewal of unrestricted operator certificate every 5 years. Operators whose certificate expires before January 1, 2013 are required to have
at least 0.3 CEU for Small System, 0.6 CEU for Class 1 and 2 and 1.2 CEU for Class 3 and 4.

Operators whose certificate expires after December 31, 2012 but before January 1, 2015 must have at least 1.5 CEU for Small System, 3.5 CEU for Class 1 and 2 and 6.0 CEU for Class 3
and 4.

Effective January 1, 2015 operators will need at least 6.0 CEU for certificate renewals every 5 years. Operators who hold a certificate in multiple categories must meet CEU requirements for both or all categories (i.e. combination of training courses in both or all categories).

For further information go to Canadian Water & Wastewater Operator Certification Best Practices

AS AN EXAMPLE: An operator for the Town of Stonewall who is certified in all four categories (the highest being a Class 2) will require 6.0 CEUs to renew all four categories; the same requirement for a class 4 certified Operator who is only certified in one category. The 6.0 CEUs required for the said operator who works for Stonewall must be courses/training related to both water and wastewater, thus the Guidelines indicate “Operators who hold a certificate in multiple categories must meet CEU requirements for both or all categories(ie: combination of training courses in both or all categories)”.
This means they could have 1.2 CEU in water treatment; 2.4 in distribution and collection; 1.2 in wastewater treatment; and 1.2 in safety/first aid, etc.

Continuing Education Unit
For the purposes of the operator certification criteria, one CEU represents 10 contact-hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience under the capable direction of
qualified instructors or otherwise presented in a manner approved by the Director. CEU courses are offered by a variety of providers. To be used towards certification, the subject must be “water or wastewater works operations, engineering, science, or a related field”.

Forty-five (45) CEU is equivalent to 1 grade of high school level achievement or 1 year of post secondary education.
The Regulation defines contact-hour as one hour of two-way communication and interaction between a learner and an instructor in order for the learner to gain knowledge and to receive